Hi all,

We are pleased to announce that Dream Cakes are now selling stock…..

Whatever your needs we’ve got you covered. everything you could possibly need. We can help with anything from the basics to the more niche items required to make your very own dream cake.

We will be selling the very same great tasting sponge that all of our customers have been raving about for the past 10 years. All the sugar paste and any colours you may need, if we haven’t got it in stock we can get it for you.

If it’s tools you need we can get you anything you need.

┬áIf you’re struggling to create that one specific effect, we have fantastic staff with a wealth of knowledge and experience for you to tap into. Come in and have a chat and we will be more than happy to help you get the results you want.

We look forward to seeing you soon….
Donna & the girls…..

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